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Part 3Death Shall Have No Dominion’s newest chapters

6:6 With love’s light wings did I o’er perch
6:7 these walls, for stony limits cannot hold love out
6:8 and what love can do, that dares love attempt
6:9 Therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me.
7:0 If they do see thee, they will murder thee.
7:5 I have night’s cloak to hide me from their sight.
*Act II Scene II Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Catherine listened to the older children read out loud the play of Romeo and Juliet. She feared that Shakespeare did not know everything.
She sighed and was going to leave when Vincent brought Peter into his chamber.

“Cathy! Dear God, Vincent said you were here but…my, my, you are a sight for these sore eyes, my dear.”
Peter hugged her tight and sat her down in Vincent’s chair, drawing the other closer to her as she sat.

“How are you feeling?”

Vincent ducked out of the chamber to give them some privacy and moved the children out to one of the empty classrooms not far from his chamber.

“Vincent spoke with you, Peter; told you what happened?”

“As much as he knew. What are your feelings, what do you want to do next, Cathy? I’ll help any way that I can.”
He clasped his fingers around her hand and squeezed gently.

“I have a son, Peter. He is not in my arms. I can’t see him, hear him, hold him, speak to him..I’m lost…a part of me is lost.”
She shrugged her shoulders and squeezed Peter’s hand.
“I want to find him. Vincent wants to find him.”

Peter nodded gravely and gruffly spoke. “Then the first thing we need to do is get you some Above clothes. Vincent has a plan, has he told you?”

Vincent walked in then, reply “No, go on Peter, tell her.”

“I spoke to Joe Maxwell. I told him that I’d like to take care of cleaning out your apartment if they were finished with your belongings.
Joe had said he would let me know when they were done.”
Peter paused and looked to Vincent.

Vincent told her, “Rebecca, Olivia and Mary said they could go Above with Peter to help pack your things. If there is anything you want specifically, they would get it for you as soon as possible.” Vincent could sense her fear and her sadness.

“Vincent and I, everyone Below for that matter, want you comfortable. Some, more than others, understand that you will be making your home here for a long while.”

“Thank you, Peter.”

“I could hire a crew down here to pack and move all the things from your apartment to the storage garage they use.” Peter suggested.

“Not yet. I really appreciate what you are both trying to do. It’s just…” She looked down at her lap. “It’s too soon.” She looked at Vincent for understanding. Her fear that someone would be watching her apartment, her worry, her sadness that the one place Vincent was most safe Above could be taken away from her; she tried to convey all that to him. And Vincent understood her fear and her worry. He mistook her sadness. He thought her sadness was because that part of her life Above was over.

Peter had wanted to say more but he would ask Jacob all that he needed to know. He bade them a quiet evening and went to Jacob’s Study.

His son.
Gabriel touched the top rail of the crib then reached in to stroke his son’s cheek. He smiled with satisfaction.

Although no mention of Catherine Chandler’s body being found had yet reached the news, he wasn’t worried. Pleased actually; her body shouldn’t ever be found. Oh, he knew she would be found…eventually.
Unless…he could persuade a certain District Attorney to end the investigation.
As his hand swept down to his son’s neck, he felt a dampness and frowned.

The room wasn’t too cool or too hot, his son was sweating all the same. Was that normal?

The Doctor
The man who was checking the baby for signs of illness tried to remain calm.
No news of the Chandler body, so in more ways than one, he hoped she died.
He felt remorse but it quickly passed. His life or hers… in some ways, he should have made it possible for her to live and be here instead of himself. ‘No, push those thoughts away, they are useless now.’

The infant boy was ill. But over the course of a few weeks, test being done indicated nothing was wrong with him. He was healthy and yet… ill.
‘No not ill’, the doctor thought ‘But…dying!’

This very revelation made his hands shake. The Boss would not like this one bit.

The Ironic Heart Of Hope
Deborah listened to Mary and Father and she reluctantly agreed.
“If Catherine is able to nurse Gwendolynn then please ask her to do so. Amanda, go with Father, please and carry your sister. Thank Catherine for me.”

Father and Amanda hadn’t made it far when Mary’s shout halted them. “Father!” She caught her breath then continued. “Deborah confessed that her husband is a doctor but not like you.” She took another breath and asked Amanda to walk a little ways up the path and wait. “She told me the real reason she needed to be here is that her husband had asked a friend to keep her and the children safe.” She took hold of Father’s hands in a strong grip. “Her husband is working for man that is evil, Deborah says he didn’t know until it was too late. He didn’t have a choice. He had contacted her through a series of network of acquaintances. Peter brought her down here, he couldn’t have known.” She dropped her voice lower. “Father, do you realize what this could mean?”

Shock. He felt a little bit in shock. He almost put the child of the man who may have delivered Catherine’s son and her “death”- in her arms! Dear God! Of course they weren’t sure but the implications…

“Father? Do we tell Vincent? Father?”
They were gripping each others hands tightly.
They saw that Amanda had retreated nearer her chambers and had waited just as she was asked but had taken the baby back inside to her mother until she was needed.

Then ever so quietly they heard Vincent speak.
“I… truly did not mean to eavesdrop. I was seeking you and…” His eyes wide and his jaw slightly opened, he shrugged his shoulders- lost for words.
His forehead creased, his eyes closed tight and he wilted. He turned his back against a tunnel wall and slid down until he was sitting.
“How can this be?”

Gabriel held his son in his arms and thought about his own father and his own childhood.
“You, Julian, will be more than a rich man. You will be feared, Julian. You will be awesome. You will be a God.”
He twirled his gold ring around his finger and let himself think about where that gold came from.
“Yes, Julian, my son, you will be powerful.”

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