Part 4 continues DSHND

Cullen carefully guided the man to the hospital chamber. The baby was squalling and Cullen wondered briefly….

He had heard the rumors and even though Vincent seldom left his chamber or Catherine’s side, he did catch Vincent at a moment when he had picked up food for sharing with Catherine in his chamber.
“Vincent. May I have a word with you?” Cullen remembered Vincent’s shocked and worried look that turned to sorrow. Cullen had immediately wanted to set everyone right.

“I heard…umm, that is…”

“Yes, Cullen?” Vincent, impatient to return to Catherine yet not wanting to be rude, waited.

“If you need help finding… There’s a rumor that Catherine was with child and that the baby is missing. If I can help any way possible…I…” Cullen had stopped at Vincent’s look and shame filled Cullen. Shame over their friends who had taken to spreading rumors. What if the baby wasn’t alive? What if the baby wasn’t Vincent’s? What if it was?

Vincent’s face was enough expression for Cullen to have a meeting about the rumors being spread. What was it that Vincent had said…. “Catherine’s child is alive. We will find him, Cullen.” He had clapped him on the shoulder and squeezed gently and then walked away.

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