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Part 4Death Shall Have No Dominion continues

The Doctor knew time was running out. He knew it was now or never. He had slipped a sleeping agent in his boss’ drink. He had recorded the baby’s noises and wrapped a bundle up and put it in the crib with the tape recorder playing. He remembered where he had saw a young child slip through an abandoned building and following the boy, discovered a tunnel. He would use that. Yes, he knew how stupid that idea was, but that child led him through unknowingly and the Doctor knew people lived there. He didn’t see them. He saw the boy tap on the pipes and wait for an answer.

Alright, he was stretching this notion very far but his boss would never send his men to find him in a tunnel. He was taking the Chandler woman’s son away from his boss in hopes to find some method to heal the child and keep them both safe.
That was why he was in an unknown Tunnel now and trying desperately to remember the exact taps on the pipe that kid had done. As he stood there, he felt as if he was being watched. He turned swiftly and put his back against the wall, startling the baby in his arms.
* * *

Vincent and Cullen had been called to check on the intruder. Geoffrey and Kipper were both in Father’s study being scolded for their carelessness. One or both had been followed. As Vincent’s approach got closer to the intruder, he felt a flutter in his heart; a recognition of a soul that touched his. The crying infant, he would know anywhere although he had never heard him cry until now. Cullen watched Vincent closely and noticed that something had changed from intruder to an acknowledgement of the person down the corridor.
“Vincent? Is it someone you know?”
Vincent only shook his and slid his arm forward to let Cullen pass ahead of him. They watched a bald slim man staring at the pipes, wondering if he was harmless but he must have felt their eyes on him as he turned quickly against the pipe. Cullen saw him grimace, heard the bundle in his arms start to cry but felt Vincent clutch his shoulder and Cullen turned to look at him. Tears were streaming down Vincent’s face and and the other hand was against his heart.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” The Doctor’s voice trembled. He came here in hopes that the young boy had friendly neighbors that could help him. “I’m in… I’m on the run. My son is sick. I need help, please. My wife and daughter are missing and I have no where else to go.”
He pushed off the wall towards the shadows. “Please?”

Cullen came forward. “I’ll help you find your way out. It’s dangerous down here, believe me, I know. I work down here. Let’s see if we can find a way out to lead you to the police station.”

“No!” The Doctor stepped back quickly. “No! I can’t go to the police. The man I’m running from; he has eyes everywhere in the city. I… can’t say why I decided to follow that kid down here but if he could find a sanctuary down here, I figured I could too.”

“Vince? What do you think?” Cullen tried not to call him by his full name if he ever had to use it… sort of like code names he supposed.

“Very well. Blindfold him and guide him carefully to the hospital chamber. I’ll bring help.” Cullen and the Doctor watched as a huge shadow took off as fast as can be down the tunnels.
* * *

Vincent’s heart sang! HIS SON! That man had his son! Whatever fate, whatever angel had guided that man- the doctor that delivered Catherine’s son?- to the tunnels…Vincent was in its debt. HIS SON!

“FATHER!” Vincent burst onto the steps in Father’s library and stopped to catch his breath. He looked up and saw Catherine. “OH My Love, Catherine! Something… miraculous has happened.” He grabbed Father’s hand and wrapped his arm around Catherine’s shoulder and pulled her close. He kissed the top of her head and breathed her in, grounding him and steadying himself for her reaction.

“The intruder- Cullen has taken him and a baby to the hospital chambers. The man says the baby is sick. When Cullen and I were as close as I could get; I felt this wonderful flutter of a bond take hold of me. This man, he said the child is his but Father… CATHERINE!
He has our son! Our son is here Below and safe! Already I can feel him getting better. Miraculously healing!”

Instead of feeling Catherine’s joy as he had thought he would, he felt her fear.
“Catherine?” He murmured.

Father witnessed this exchanged and although he wanted to believe Vincent, he still had doubts. If it was indeed true, then Deborah’s husband was safe as well.
“I believe I will go speak to this man and see about the sick infant.” He doubted they heard him or noticed his leave.

Vincent was aware of Father leaving and waited til they were alone. “Catherine? Tell me what brings you so much fear?”
She gripped his face, to make sure they had eye contact and so that he could really feel why she was fearful.
“He found us! That man led him here and now he will destroy all of us! He…”
“He was alone! Catherine, he is alone! He escaped and has brought our son safely home. He does not know that he has done that. He only followed one of boys down here for safety.” He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Catherine, come to the hospital chamber, see for yourself if its him… if the baby is our son. Please?” He slid his hands up on top of hers and brushed his forehead against her own. “Please.”

Although she was frightened, she felt his conviction that the baby was their son. She had no other choice but to agree to go.
* * *

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