Buffy and Angel comics- Thick and Thin of it

may contain comic spoilers. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know about the comics. Also this isn’t a story. There will be a fan fic story but this one isn’t it.

Fan fiction is a wonderful thing. You can bend it, shape it,and permanently put it in place.

But once you watch or read what the real story has been turned to, then it doesn’t matter how you wanted it.


The comics of Buffy Season 8 and Angel season 6 still do not bring Angel and Buffy together. In fact, Buffy may or may not like a girl and Angel likes… well I do not know, but he loves his son and continues to fight the clean up of LA.

So no matter how many stories are written, Everyone on the Whedon Team still conspire to keep those two apart. So…we keep hope alive that as the comics stay alive then maybe someday that conspiring team will see fit to be the “powers that be” to put Buffy and Angel back together again.
Together they are strong. Well together they are stronger than they are apart that’s for sure.

Alright, thanks for letting me get this out. I hope to post part of a summary for a story I am working on. Hopefully I can do that soon. Just need to write up the summary and get it as a summary and not a book.

comments are welcome.

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