What is done can not be undone: but we can give an alternative

The Summary of the story that still doesnt have a name. However I have a couple title names for the first chapters.

After Season 7 of BTVS and also taking in consideration of the comic season 8.. All of season 5 of Angel….After Not Fade Away and taking in consideration season 6 of comic Angel, I have decided like everyone else; to come up with a story of my own to help set things right and to set Buffy in the rest of season 5 of Angel so that everything comes out my way.

 Who am I? A fan. I have absolutely no money and I am not making any money on this story. In fact, it hasnt been proofread, beta’d, read by anyone else and I give full credit of the characters and Season 5 and the comics to the writers and creators. I also give credit to the actors and actresses to help bring the characters alive. Thats All I can do though.

I just have alot of pent up (That would never happen and this would happen instead) denial. I will probably always be in denial until the writers and creators of the comics decide to finally bring Buffy and Angel together for happily ever demon fighting and “normal” life style after.

My story begins with Buffy portal hopping and ending up a future with (can u guess?) Angel as a mortal. I create a story for that and then eventually event lead Buffy back to the present situation being Angel needing help at Wolfram and Hart.

and its necessary for my story to bring in direct quotes from certain episodes and I will have those stated so that you know I didnt  write it, or where Buffy may say something that someone else actually said on the show; that will be stated too.  Now I have enough to start typing my story on here but I think I am the only one that reads what I write on here. I havn’t received any word that anyone pays any attention to what goes on here. I write on paper because I enjoy the old paper pen thing. I’d like to type up some of the story but since my time is limited, I don’t know how soon that will be.

It will be up to the commentators……..
cookie dough still baking aka story is in progress

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