Angel and Buffy Are we now or ever were Rewrite

Im going to be be rewriting Chapters 14 and 15. Possibly going to rewrite part of chapter 13.
It may take awhile but I definitely want to be 100% satisfied with my work. Nothing less is no good for you>my readers.
So be patient. I wont take anything down yet. Once I start to write again though, Ill take things down.
That will be your indicator that I have started writing again. YAY! So I have to re-read all my chapters.
Find where Alice followed the white rabbit down the wrong hole..or where I took a hop instead of a turn..
I hope its only three chapters. I really dont know.
I have alot of registrants but no one comments
no one leaves their work..
whats going on?
I cant be a good website person if i dont get any feedback..
there arent many working Angel and Buffy sites out there that are still working.
I think I know why. Please give me feedback, Im actually begging now.

Yours Truly

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