Author’s note

The next part of our story continues with Damage.
I know you probably think that I am trying to rewrite the whole season with Buffy in it, not so.

I’m using three episodes that I feel are important to my story.

For example:

Buffy comes into Season 5 in Destiny. Angel’s shanshu is important.. the whole reason for his leaving her and fighting. That whole making amends thing, well supposedly the reward will be to become a mortal.

Then Soul Purpose is important because in my story, we find out..well I won’t spoil it. However Angel’s soul is trying to be taken from him or used as a distraction in the episode.
We find out from Lorne (in my story) exactly whats the what. Buffy’s role here is a constant reminder or reality check for Angel after his nightmares.

Damage is very important. In the end of the episode, Andrew tells Angel that Buffy or anyone else for that matter can’t trust him anymore. Well I’m a firm believer that the Slayer’s job is to fight evil; Buffy so would not like it if Angelus came out to play, I believe she would be there to make sure it didn’t happen; also there are a bunch of slayers…even if it is Angel’s fight ( HELLO! He is using Wes, Fred, and Gunn who are merely human to help him fight.) Why not use powerful slayers? These girls are born to fight evil. In essence they were still born to fight evil.

So there you have it.

I’m revising chapter 10. This chapter pretty much stays in the episode time frame. I don’t think it veers away from the episode much. Buffy is in it that definitely veers off but other than that, no story after the story for this chapter. at least not so far.

I don’t own the characters or these three episodes. I am borrowing them. No copy right infringement intended.
I am not making money off the characters or this story.

Please leave feedback. If you want to criticize me, please be kind.


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